Dharmalaya Ashram is in the city of Granada, situated few metres away from the Monachil river, and being part of the municipality of Armilla, next to the Health Campus. From outside Dharmalaya Ashrama is easily identified for being a building surrounded by lots of vegetation that appears over the walls of the place.
Everyone that passes the threshold of the doors gets surprised for the beauty that the holy images compose. They are at the feet of the black bamboo, in the patio of Kali and in all the inner gardens. At the entrance to the right the huge image of Hanuman welcomes us. It was sculpted in stone and brought from India. It weights 1800 kilograms. That murthi is the most emblematic of this school, and it gives name to the Temple, our biggest treasure, called Shri Bajarangabhakta Bali Mandiram, founded in 1985, in honour of one of our masters of the discipular chain, the Honourable Baba Bajaranga Dasa, who was a great devotee of Hanuman and whose holy ashes remain inside.
Dharmalaya Ashrama´s mandir is a very special place where the shakti of years of adoration and sadhana of their devotees is breathed. Its doors are always open for those who wish to find solace and rest in this extraordinary redoubt of the India in the city of Granada.  
Casa Yoga, as Dharmalaya Ashrama is known within the city, opens its doors throughout the year, giving classes of Hatha Yoga and Vyayam Yoga (the art of the dynamic breathing), workshops of topics related to Yoga, mediatation, ayurveda, psychosomatology, vegetarian cuisine and healthy arts, in general, together with the Teachers Training courses and special sadhanas during the summer season.
One of its most important activities is the Satsangha of Meditation, which is running nonstop every Friday at 19 hours for many years.
The facilities of Dharmalaya Ashram and its nearby dependencies give accomodation for the monks of the community. At the same time accommodation is offered for those students who wish a better comfort and integration during the development of the different programmes offered by the School.
The monks of the community live developing their job according to their different professions to get their daily sustenance and, at the same time, they develop the corresponding tasks for the diffusion of the Dharma. On the other hand, they receive nonstop monastic training with the aim of get deep knowledge of the Vedic philosophy and theology. 
You can contact us for further information at: escuelavedica@yahoo.es

Training Courses:

- Vyayam, Art of Breathing Dynamic. To see more [+]
- Curso de Ayurveda y Masaje Ayurvédico. To see more [+]
- Maharishi Patanjali Yoga Classic & Traditional Hatha Yoga.
- Vedic Dharma, bases, foundations, Scriptures & Vedanta Vidya.
- Intensive programs and regular classes:
Consult the list of courses and schedules in the Ashram personally or by mail escuelavedica@yahoo.es

Avenida García Lorca nº 8 Las Caserias. Junto al  Parque de la Salud. 
Armilla 18100. España. 
Phone: +34 670.436.941 / 610.501.681

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