The word "Ayurveda" is from the ancient Indian language, Sanskrit, and literally means "Knowledge of Life" and provides both curative and preventive measures towards optimal physical, mental and spiritual well-being.

More than simply medical care, Ayurveda offers a philosophy whereby one may prevent unnecessary suffering and live a long, healthy life. Known as the mother of all medical systems, Ayurveda has undergone continuous research, development and refinement over the past 5,000 years. Originally from India, Ayurveda is currently experiencing worldwide popularity as a revival sweeps in all continents. Ayurveda employs the judicious application of nutritional guidance, herbal medicines, exercise therapy, transcendental meditation and many special rejuvenation and purification therapies. Preferring to focus on the type of person who has the disease, rather than just understanding the type of disease the person has, Ayurveda is a patient-orientated system of healing.

In the consultancies of ITAM, you can find prevention treatments for unbalances in the body and mind that bring about pain, illness or troubles. We can use it as a unique therapy and/or as a therapy associated with others.


The tridosha constitution of each person is largely measured along with the knowledge of external factors, one of the bases to discover the causes that originate or stimulate such problems or illnesses. To understand this tridosha constitution, we make a detailed study of the persons private life, and from there the person is orientated to adjust their way of life in food habits, exercise, breathing, relaxation and positive thought.

Ayurveda teaches us that everyone needs massage on a regular basis. In just the same way as a machine needs lubrication, the body loves to be oiled to protect it against the ravages of life and time. Regular Abhyanga massage promotes healing and restoration by eliminating toxins from the body so that rejuvenating energies of the body may flow more freely.

In the therapies that are used in Ayurveda we can find: Marmatherapy (the treatment of the vital centres of our body), massage, the use of medication, meal regulation, appropriate exercise (Yoga and Vyayam), the correct use of breathing, meditation and relaxation practises.

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