The Vaidika Pratisthana currently has two temples, Guru Mandiram Tilak located in the foothills of the Himalayas in Rishikes and Shri Bajarangabali Mandiram, at the foot of Sierra Nevada in Granada, Spain.

Every day, in both temples various ceremonies are performed in which we honor the divinity and the principle of teacher assumed in the form of Shri Baba Bajaranga Das and Swami Tilak Paramahamsa with the aim of promoting the blessings of these great teachers already disembodied, spilled benefiting all his devotees and all sensitive heart persons in contact with them somehow.

The word Mandiram, temple, in Sanskrit means, the place where the sensory mind is strengthened. It is due to the high concentration of spiritual vibrations that reside in these places favored by the constant recitation of mantras, ceremonies and meditations made in them, that those who visit them, believers or not, immediately perceive Vedic faith and feel overwhelmed by, resulting in a feeling of peace and a general welfare.

The liturgy performed is not only aimed for the benefit of spiritual communities who run the temples, but also for all those who may feel in need of them in some way.


There are those who ask for the performance of ceremonies for obtain help in form of good and powerful vibrations which will facilitate them the achievement of purposes in their lives whether they are material or spiritual. Some other sponsor ceremonies for the benefit of others, in life's special moments like birthdays, births, weddings, new early-stage business ...

There are those who propiciate ceremonies for the souls of family members or loved ones who are no longer with us ...

The process for someone can benefit from Liturgies, it's easy. You just have to write an email to escuelavedica@yahoo.es or vedicfoundationhimalayas@yahoo.co, requesting the performance of a ceremony and the purpose sought with her. None of the goals may be to seek damages to any other living being.

From here the priests or responsables of the temple will contact you and the details were finalized.

Throughout the year there are important dates during which special concelebrations are observed following the Vedic-Hindu calendar.

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