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The Vedic School was established in 1978 by the Hindu monk
Swami Tilak Paramahamsa, and since then it is directed by his disciple, the master Swami Shankaratilaka Saraswati.

It is a traditional Vedic school which teaches Vaidika Dharma (Culture
and Spirituality of the Vedas), Yoga and its philosophy and various other teachings emerged in India to help human beings in their integral development as Ayurvedic medicine, Ayurvedic Massage, Hindu Dance, Vyâyâm (the Art of Dynamic Breathing) and Vedânta Philosophy that demonstrates the deepest meaning of the Vedas.

The Vedic School teachings are disseminated through its main centers in Rishikesh, India and Madrid and Granada in Spain. Throughout the whole year in these centers make numerous educational programs free of



charge and others with a very small cost. Training programs are taught under the mentorship of the teachers and masters of the Vedic School, although in some cases there are also invited teachers from other schools to direct diverse programs.

Following the maxima "Ano bhadrah kratavo yantu visatah" ("let noble thoughts come in from all directions of the universe") from the Rig Veda, Vedic School is ready to encourage the teaching of knowledge with all means at its disposal.

The spirit of the selfless service of the masters and teachers of the School allows them to move to any part of the world to teach and train in the spiritual knowledge, Yoga and Vedic Dharma to all those who are thirsty to learn and who ask for it in the correct way.

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